Cybill: The Goddess of Sass and Feminism

While watching the sitcom Cybill, I actually enjoyed myself and wanted to watch more of her antics as see faced not only society as a female actress, but as a mother and a woman. What I liked about Cybill is the fact that she doesn’t hesitate at all to educate men on her opinion nor was she afraid to show society just exactly who she was. Unlike Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore, Cybill projects more of a dominance over her life as she chooses to create a sitcom a character who she wants to project freedom in her sexuality, career, and decisions. For example, ‘The Last Temptation of Cybill’, we get to see Cybill’s decision making put to the test as she gets to choose between a young man who she is compatible with sexually, or her ex-husband who she recently starting dating one again who she had feelings for. Overall, she chose to stay with her current lover showing that women can make decisions about their own sexuality and not pertain to the sexuality that society has given them. This was Cybill’s way of sticking to her liberal feminism views while still going on with her life like any other woman.

Kim Bowen

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One Response to Cybill: The Goddess of Sass and Feminism

  1. marymdalton says:

    Yes, she is a BOLD presence!

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