Feminism in Cybil and Sex and the City

This blog post is by Jack Kountouris

This week we saw episodes from Sex and the City and Cybil, which are two sitcoms that show feminism in completely different ways. The feminism in Sex and the City is more modern and the feminism displayed in Cybil is more old-fashioned.

In Sex and the City we see a type on post-feminism whereby all the main female characters are already respected in their line of work. Because of this they feel more free to go around seeking happiness for themselves as opposed to just living in their work. The characters here are more free and open and take pride in being women. In The show Cybil however there is a form of liberal feminism that is not as obvious. The characters include women who making choices to not let their gender be a factor at all. They don’t show differentiation between being a woman over being a man.
The two shows do occasionally have moments where feminism is a little less evident when the women do fall into stereotypes, but what other differences do you think there are in the feminism of these two shows.


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2 Responses to Feminism in Cybil and Sex and the City

  1. marymdalton says:

    Cybill represents the more traditional, liberal feminist stance where she wants to change the culture and improve the status of women by working from within to transform the system. Sex and the City is more individualistic and is focused on personal choice and agency. I am (personally) still focused on collective social issues — childcare, eldercare, healthcare, pay equity, etc… — which makes me a liberal feminist.

    • mediaphiles says:


      It is interesting to look at how the two sitcoms look at feminism in the narratives. It is important to highlight how consumerism completely drove the plot of “Sex in the City” where as “Cybill” is a bit more conservative. – Alex Giacco

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