Sex in the City: The Big Apple

By: Alex Giacco

This summer I am working up in New York and watching these sitcom episodes was fun for variety of reasons. I think the first was because my sister and mom are huge fans of the sitcom “Sex in the City” and I had never actually seen an episode. So, it was a way for me to take a peek into their sitcom world a little bit and understand why they like the show so much.

Another reason is because walking around crowded streets everyday you sometimes forget where you are all the time. I think watching shows like “Seinfeld” and “Sex in the City” that are set in NY makes me realize how special my surrounds are for the summer.

I love the fact that the show focuses on feminist empowerment and consumerism because it allows the characters to have fun and enjoy themselves. A lot of shows I watch really only feature men in these kinds of desirable roles where they have the means to enjoy the finer things that come with city life.

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One Response to Sex in the City: The Big Apple

  1. marymdalton says:

    Yes, many people have compared Sex and the City and Entourage…

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