Feminism in the 1990s

Sitcoms from the 1990s have improved a lot from the old sitcoms we have seen. One of the examples would be the feminism in Sex and the City. The show focuses on individual empowerment through choice and consumption (from sex to shoes). The show asserted that it is ok to be single, it is ok to not want children, and it is ok to pursue the lifestyle that makes you happy. A woman’s right to choose is always in the forefront. Sex and the City shows us that women can be independent, and more than that, women can be independent together. -Yutian Zhang

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4 Responses to Feminism in the 1990s

  1. mediaphiles says:

    “A woman’s right to choose is always in the forefront”- I love that! It’s so true. I think every character shows this in a different way through the show. That is a great summary of the show condensed into one sentence.

  2. mediaphiles says:

    -MacLean Lessenberry

    (Sorry, couldn’t get the edit to work after I had already posted)

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I agree with your point of view! For the first time, we actually see what women displaying their freedom of choice in many different aspects of life which was refreshing. Before this week, I had not seen any episodes of SATC and was a bit skeptical but I actually was entertained.

    -Bradley Sawyer

  4. marymdalton says:

    What do you find significant about these patterns?

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