Sex & The City

Something interesting I have always noticed about SATC for me is that I love the show, but I don’t necessarily love Carrie, the main character. As the author of the SATC chapter describes, the strong female bonds in this show are enchanting. No matter what, the 4 characters stick together no matter the circumstances and it is inspiring in ways. All four of them hold strong positions in their jobs and are well to do for themselves in NYC. Weirdly, though, I dislike Carrie as I find she is extremely emotional and whiny. There are multiple shows that I love, but dislike a main character, which I just find so interesting…


-MacLean Lessenberry

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2 Responses to Sex & The City

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I agree that Carrie is a much harder character to like than the other three women. I think part of this opinion comes from Carrie’s constant narration that takes a very negative outlook on situations. I personally believe Samantha’s narration would be much more interesting and less negative.

    Tyler Roberts

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I can relate! I have never liked Carrie, but still enjoy the show. It is really weird how sometimes main characters are the least likable. Although, Carrie still brings interesting storylines so I can appreciate her importance. It makes me think of New Girl, because I love the show but don’t really like Jess (Aka the main character). – Lexi Cass

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