Television & Family Bonding – Lexi Cass

My idea for this post came from me spending the last few days with a lot of family members (many of whom I do not see often). We have spent a lot of time together and have sat at big dinner tables for hours. With multiple generations around, the discussions are very diverse. However, what I have picked up is that almost every time we would all sit down to talk, we would start talking about television.

A love of television is something that is commonly shared. I have picked this up a lot while being around my family. The other night, the “kids” at the table spent over an hour discussing what TV shows they were watching and comparing and contrasting (and talking about shocking Game of Thrones moments). With this happening, I could hear the adults talking about what shows they were into. These were not the only moments that TV was brought up. This week television shows have been brought up in speeches, and old pictures have been compared to TV characters.

All of this has really made me think about this class and specifically TV and culture. In this class we talk a lot about how culture has influenced TV, but I also believe that TV influences culture. It is a common bond, and brings people together in ways I have never seen. It makes people think, and now that a lot of shows try to include current topics, it helps people become more culturally aware. Even communities as a whole are affected by TV, with viewing parties in popular restaurants/ theaters, drinks named after characters, and actors visiting malls (Etc.). I just find this really interesting and I would love to look more into this in the future.

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One Response to Television & Family Bonding – Lexi Cass

  1. marymdalton says:

    You tap into something very important — television (and movies) have become our dominant form of cultural transmission. Thank you for this post.

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