The Impact of “Cord Cutters”

I am interning at an advertising agency this summer and we talk alot about the “cord cutter” phenomena. Cord cutters are people who no longer have cable subscriptions and solely rely on online streaming services to watch their tv shows. We talk about this and how it plays a role in advertising in terms of the way that viewers now see commercials. However, as I learn more about it, I can’t help but think about how this will affect traditional tv shows. Now, people almost always time shift their  shows or binge watch a series due to online streaming services. The rise of online streaming services will have an impact on the production of shows. For example,  leaving with a cliffhanger is not very effective anymore because people can immediately watch the next episode if they choose to binge watch a show. The only thing that stops most people from becoming a “cord cutter” is that it prevents them from watching sports or the news:two things that are important to be seen in real time. This is an interesting article describing what streaming services are doing to drive more people to  cut the cord on cable.

-Emily Elliott


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  1. marymdalton says:

    Interesting post!

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