Netflix and its impact on television

I logged onto my Netflix account recently, after not using it for a while. I find it interesting how many television shows and movies are being created by Netflix. They are hiring the actors, and taking all the risk. To me, it is actually an extremely smart and effective business model because they already have a loyal audience, and alot of the film and shows seem extremely low budget. I was wondering what everyones thought are on this, and how it will effect normal television?

— Sam Beckerman

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2 Responses to Netflix and its impact on television

  1. It’s interesting, I agree! I also think it’s interesting how well Netflix’s shows are holding up with normal television series within award shows. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have blown up and are constantly nominated for tons of awards.

    • mediaphiles says:

      I think that with the amount of people no longer subscribing to cable, Netflix original shows and movies will continue to improve in quality because people do not want to lose quality of content with the loss of a cable subscription. The allotted budgets will expand in order to account for this.

      -Emily Elliott

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