SATC Feminism

I decided to write my final essay on Sex and the City and its relationship with feminism. I personally always saw the show as an extremely feminist. I thought it showed women to speak their mind and write their own rules, but apparently many viewers interpret the show as too consumer based and think that the characters are too much of one stereotype. I am interested to hear what others in the class think whether one has watched only the assigned episodes or is a SATC fan who has binged them all. Is SATC an empowering women centered show or a show that only highlights shoes, high priced Manhattan eateries, and relationships?


-MacLean Lessenberry

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2 Responses to SATC Feminism

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve only seen a couple episodes of SATC, but I view it as a feminist show. I think the women’s agency is the most prominent aspect of the show. I view the glamour and luxurious lifestyles as sheer entertainment rather than anything that would take away from the show being labeled as a feminist work.

    -Emily Elliott

  2. marymdalton says:

    I see it as a complex text — filled with mixed messages. You raise some great questions.

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