Matt West-Economic Scales Shift 2010s

The worlds largest economy is no longer the United States and it is unlikely to reobtain the top position ever. China surpassed the US as world no. 1 in 2013 and it has continued to out pace American growth 2014-2016.

Under rule by the “China Communist Party”, Chairman Mao would not recognize his country as the Marxist power he passed on. The free market has produced a significant amount of economic progress for China. The political party that champions itself “for the people” has more inequality than anywhere in the world. There are 183 Chinese Billionaires, primarily government officials or government sponorsed businessmen. The average pay for a Chinese worker is $400 per month. The ability for China to become more of an economic producer lies primarily in the sheer volume of numbers. It’s population is double that of the United States. The advantage from an American firm is the ability of established firms to transition into the Chinese economy and through better business practices outpace local firms.


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