Something Sacred

Maddy E

What struck me most this week was why we find transgressive comedy so hilarious. I thought the way Michael Tueth explained this was really interesting: When we break taboos of something we hold sacred. What is it about our culture that we hold sacred that seems to be so funny when South Park makes fun of it? I found myself wondering this as I watched the episodes. I think that overall, it is our society’s tendency to take ourselves and others too seriously and the political correctness of the American culture in general. When the political correctness goes out the window, things seem to be hilarious: The more offensive it might be to someone, the funnier it is. I think this is also so important because it gives us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves as well.

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2 Responses to Something Sacred

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I think this is a great observation about transgressive comedy and South Park! And more importantly, I think it’s a great lesson for people to learn about life and watching certain comedies. It is sooo important to be able to laugh at yourself and some of the absurdities in life. Obviously, that needs to be balanced with taking some of life seriously. So many times people dismiss shows like South Park because of it’s humor, when really they should be appreciating its comic relief.
    -Sarah Teegarden

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