By: Alex Giacco

I am working in the Rockefeller Center this summer and was walking out of work this week on Tuesday and saw Jimmy Fallon jump into a huge pool of green sludge with hundreds of people watching. This was a pretty cool way to walk out of work and see an enormously popular TV figure entertaining people. The Tonight Show always attracts celebrities, as the longest running talk show on TV.

This reminded how passionate people are about their favorite TV figures. This made me realize the magnitude a lot of the sitcoms we have studied, had on the viewers. The fan base for sitcoms, and other shows is incredible, but I sometimes have a tendency to underestimate the significance of the shows.

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One Response to 30 ROCK

  1. mediaphiles says:

    People are definitely passionate about their favorite tv figures. Even if the show isn’t necessarily that entertaining, people still continue to watch because they are infatuated with their favorite character. The Doris Day Show exemplifies this idea. Many people watched the show for her, not necessarily for the content.

    -Emily Elliott

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