Reminiscing of Will & Grace

By: Kim Bowen

I must admit most people would not know this, but when I was younger Will & Grace used to be my favorite show to watch at night. Even at a young age I was able to get the concept that Will wanted to spend his life with another man, but it seemed that he was always stuck with Grace. Secretly I wanted Will to just confess his love to Grace and they could finally be together because they seemed to make such a great couple. I feel like even as a young child I thought that the story was more geared towards the relationship that Will and Grace were presenting to the audience was heteronormative instead of homonormative. In the show I don’t believe that there is much, like Provencher has said, that has contributed to the homonormative for the homosexual community. Yes they have had different inserts that sort of represented the homosexual community in a why, but the audience still wasn’t getting the entire narrative. I think today even in the Modern Family or other shows that may have gay couples, we are not seeing the full narrative. Instead networks are putting what they deem appropriate, but haven’t we passed that at this point? Aren’t we ready to fully see a civil union and a homosexual couple kiss on cable television?

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One Response to Reminiscing of Will & Grace

  1. marymdalton says:

    Excellent post! You really describe quite well how heteronormativity works!

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