They’re Just Kids

The component of South Park I find most interesting is the use of children as the main characters. I am a fan of Family Guy and noticed often the most inappropriate comments are made by Stewie, the baby. Having the youngest character make comments that are extremely inappropriate seems to neutralize the political incorrectness of the statements. Some amount of rudeness can be written off to the immaturity of the character being a child. South Park plays on this idea for the entire show by having the four main characters all nine years old. The use of young characters distances the crude language from reality, thus allowing the writers to incorporate mature content but keep it comical because it is unrealistic for children to say these things. Adult characters would have to have personalities and images that match people in the real world but the children serve as somewhat of a blank slate. They can say and do inappropriate things without the writers conveying a message about opinions of a specific group of people.


Tyler Roberts

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4 Responses to They’re Just Kids

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I thought this blog was very interesting. I completely agree that the kids in these shows are what make them effective! -Sarah Beth

  2. Yutian says:

    I agree that kids characters are better choice than adults characters for the show to make some inappropriate comments. Kids characters also makes the show funnier. –Yutian Zhang

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I find this comment interesting because I feel like the use of children not only justifies the incorrectness but I feel as if the use of children discredits the comments. It is possible that many viewers disregard these comments since a child is saying it and what do children know after all? Would it be possible that viewers would take these comments more seriously, politically correct or not, if the adults were to say them? Would the audience disregard the political correctness and accept the comments as fact if it were the adults making these comments?


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