Understanding What Speaks to you

By: Sarah Beth Rogers

Growing up, I was never allowed to watch South Park. As I got older, and even now that all of my siblings are teens, it was never allowed to be on in the house. When I moved out for the first time, one of the first things I did was watch South Park. I was so interested to see this show that was forbidden in the household. After about ten minutes of the first episode I watched, I turned it off, completely understanding my parents’ perspectives. It was funny, but crude and dark, and I began searching for something lighter and less cynical.

When I saw the show on the syllabus, I cringed and dreaded watching the episodes in their entirety. During the episodes, I kept finding myself wanting to fast forward or multitasking to keep my mind only half engaged with the jokes on the show. But then, it finally clicked. I began to appreciate the power of the seemingly awful and disrespectful characters. It was brutally honest. It was an honesty that could be forgiven because, after all, it is only a cartoon. I can appreciate honesty, and I began to understand why this show is so important. South Park speaks to a lot of people; it is extremely thought provoking, many find it relatable and its current. Though through this lesson I learned to appreciate the likes of South Park, I also learned that shows like this one do not speak to me in a way that provokes meaningful thought. This means that I need to continue to search for things that do provoke thoughts that encourage a positive change in me that derives from being confronted with my fallacies.

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One Response to Understanding What Speaks to you

  1. marymdalton says:

    Great post.

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