Thoughts on Will & Grace

Just how Denis Provencher points out in his chapter and interview that Will & Grace has its issues, I can see it as well. It has many issues, as many sitcoms did and do. The episodes we watched prove how this show is written for straight people. The heteronormative lens used is very apparent, as even the gay characters are basically written as straight. They are hardly shown with partners who are the same sex, they are almost always partnered up with people of the opposite sex, and when they do go a little further in description with gay relationships, they have the same type of dating life and relationship issues as straight people. Not to mention, they are all white and middle class. There is nothing unique and nothing queer. However, as Provencher says, it is also one of his favorite shows. I used to watch the show with my mom when I was little and it was kind of the first thing that made me start to think about gay people. I remember asking my mom about the gay characters in the show, and if nothing else it definitely raised my awareness that gay people do exist. So although I recognize the issues, I still believe it was an important show of the time because it started conversations about the gay community, showed them quite positively, and raised awareness. Plus, it’s good sitcom entertainment. I think every sitcom has its faults, and this one has many, but it’s also important to look at the positives that come out of it.

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