South Park/ Simpsons

I would rather turn my TV off and stare at a wall than watch South Park. I have found it to be one of the most annoying shows ever, and I usually feel stupider for watching it. I find the Simpsons to be slightly more tolerable. However, neither show would be my first, second, or third, when looking for something to watch. After reading the chapters on both of these shows I have more of an appreciation for them. I now understand their significance and how they have become so popular. It is the transgressive humor which attracts such a wide audience. It is the simplicity of the shows that captures the audiences attention. It is the perfect filter to use when trying to discuss serious topics. Both of these shows use a lighthearted approach to dealing with serious and dark topics. People are engaging in hot topics and political discussions more than they realize simply because of the subliminal messaging, vague jokes, and use of humor to discuss hard topics. If these shows had taken a more serious approach to some of these controversial topics then many people might not be as inclined to watch the episodes or engage in the discussions.


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  1. marymdalton says:

    Funny opening to the post!

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