Utilizing “The Platform”

By Sarah Teegarden

This week’s readings and shows talked a lot about shows that represent very underrepresented communities like disabled people and LGBTQ members. Television is any amazing platform for giving messages to the public. Now a days there are even more popular platforms than television like online streaming. Both of these mediums, television and online streaming, offer amazing stages for representing misunderstood or ignored communities. Shows like Legit and Transparent have inspiringly begun to try and normalize minority communities. Unfortunately Legit tried a little too hard to relate to the heteronormative communities instead of focus on disabled community representation. Regardless, both shows have pushed boundaries and utilized an extremely useful platform to portray extremely important topics. No one person is not normal, and shows like Legit and Transparent push to demonstrate that, that all people are normal. I think that more sitcoms need to follow in the footsteps of these shows and utilize the important platform of television and online streaming.

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2 Responses to Utilizing “The Platform”

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I agree with Sarah. I feel that this is a good step in the right direction because at this moment there are not a lot of shows like this. Unfortunately these shows did not last long enough nor did they have enough advertising to let people know that they exist. Had it not been for this class I probably never would have watched these shows. But I do like that they are challenging society and that it is slowly but surely fighting against the norm.

    -Kim Bowen

  2. mediaphiles says:

    It is really interesting to think about the world we currently live in and how society is changing rapidly. Also, our generation of young people are starting to make decisions and change the status quo as we enter the work force. I think there will be a lot more change that occurs to equally represent more and more of the social movements that demand equal representation. -Alex Giacco

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