This week while watching the show Transparent, I found myself mesmerized by the characters and wanting to know what happens next right away.  While watching the show I couldn’t help but think about the parallels between this family and the Jenners/Kardashians. Bruce Jenner came out as identifying as a woman after his children were grown up with families of their own. This was remarkable for such a high profile figure to do such a thing. I think that Transparent is a really important series because it sheds light on topics that were previously taboo. After all, not many sitcoms deal with a show where the father of three grown children comes out as being transgender. However, this is a reality that increasing more families are having to deal with; a family member feeling stuck in their biological sexuality and wanting to break out of it. I think that Transparent does a good job of showing the complications that many times are associated with coming out. This show is becoming more and more relevant as we see many high profile people coming out as transgender. I am curious to know if anyone thinks that this show takes it too far  in the fact that almost all the characters become queer in some way, according to the chapter in the book.  I wonder if anyone thinks this almost makes the show unrelatable for modern families going through similar issues because the show has so many characters in the family that are questioning their current lifestyle.’

-Emiy Elliott

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2 Responses to Transparent

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I like that the characters are complex and dealing with their own issues but I found it distracting at times. I wonder if that will change once all the children are aware of Maura’s transition. I think that could make the characters and their individual plot lines more connected.
    -Elizabeth Joyner

  2. marymdalton says:

    Of course, who says EVERY show must be relatable to a mainstream audience? We’ve been moving toward niche programming for quite some time…

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