I really liked everything about this show. The interview video prepared me for the non-traditional aesthetic set-up of the sitcom. I loved the entire idea of it- it reminded me of Netflix’s Grace & Frankie, but obviously a lot more intense on the cultural shock value. I thought it was so cool that no pronoun is connected to the main character as well. Sweden added a new pronoun to their dictionary that is there to be applied to those people or objects who don’t wish to have any gender identity specifically. It’s one of the more progressive moves I have seen recently & I found it pretty interesting, even if one doesn’t agree with it. Here is the article link here-



-MacLean Lessenberry

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One Response to Transparent

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I think adopting a pronoun for a gender neutral person is quite remarkable and necessary. By adopting a term like this it would create less confusion and awkwardness in many settings for people when determining which gender to identify with. We have Ms. for women who don’t prefer to say if they are married or not, a new pronoun is essentially the same thing for gender neutral people or those who do not wish to disclose their sexuality.
    -Emily Elliott

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