Entourage 2.0

By: Alex Giacco

I have started watching the new HBO series “Ballers” produced by Mark Wahlberg, the same guy who created the hit series “Entourage.” I recently had drinks with one of my cousins friends who works at HBO and we started talking about how neither of these shows, despite their popularity, really moves the needle forward at all. This made me think a bit about the media that I enjoy and why I enjoy it.

I think these two shows, which are very similar in nature, that are driven by consumerism and escapist ideals make ever guy want to live the high flying lifestyle that really is not attainable to a normal person. While these shows feature minority characters in main roles there is not a whole lot of development that happens. This really makes me wonder if I should start watching shows with deeper meanings that have a meaningful narrative or if I should just consume media for entertainment and not concern myself as much with the content. These two shows are very popular and are entertaining, but I’m not sure they are worth studying and think more deeply about, simply because they appear to be so shallow.

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One Response to Entourage 2.0

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I think it’s true that some shows are just taking too long to catch up with the new wave of progressive shows. They are simply becoming irrelevant, as well as creating false representations of life and people. Entertainment is one thing, but meaningful narratives are important for the fact that people who are watching are making real life assumptions based on shows. I think it’s vital that TV shows really focus on appropriate representation, and that doesn’t mean it has to get rid of the entertainment factor. – Lexi Cass

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