Transparent, Post-Binary World & Family- Lexi Cass

My first thought when I turned on Transparent was “wow, this is one interesting family.” I was instantly drawn into the characters because although they were some of the most diverse characters I had ever seen, they were also very relatable at the same time. Transparent truly takes the audience into a post-binary world and presents it as the norm. The father is a transgender woman, the mother is very open and progressive, Sarah, the oldest child, is what appears to be bisexual (although it is not defined clearly), Josh is very open about his sexuality, and Ali can be defined as queer, in a way in which she does not fit either a masculine or feminine side, and she experiments with her sexuality. They are a very open family, and they are hardly uncomfortable with sharing with their family their gender/sexuality struggles and ventures. Although Maura struggles in the beginning to come out to her children, they all respond quite acceptingly and welcoming (although they feel uncomfortable and confused at times as any person would be).  Having this kind of family on TV is really encouraging to me. Even though they are so diverse and have so many wild things going on, they don’t feel like aliens. I can relate to every character in a way, and I think that proves that families are really much more complicated than what most sitcoms represent. Post-binary ideas and portrayals definitely more accurately represent today’s world and having a family like this on TV is great representation and promotes the “new normal”. For me, it helps takes away the foreign-ness and hesitancy some people may feel about the LGBTQ  community and shows that, firstly, it is normal to not fit into heteronormative standards, and secondly, they are still just simply a family.

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