FRIENDS:”The One With The Sonogram At The End” -Allie Kleinman

Friends is one of my all-time favorite TV series. No matter which episode I watch, I always find myself laughing and enjoying the plot.



The show continuously resonates with a variety of audiences and is extremely likable because of it’s ability to address things that we all deal with in real life: embarrassment, sadness, rejection, joy, love, relationships, friendship, and more. For being a show that began in 1994, it is truly incredible that it still resonates so well with individuals of all ages in 2016.

One of my favorite episodes is “The One With The Sonogram At The End” because Ross, who I think is the funniest character, is the main focus. His wife, Carol, who left him for a woman named Susan, reveals that she is pregnant with Ross’ child. He has to decide whether or not he wants to be involved in the baby’s life. His childish, awkward ways at the sonogram appointment are hilarious. For example, he plays with the doctor’s cervix tool and pretends its a duck.

The main reason why I love this episode, in particular, is because it addresses serious and complex things in a humorous way. Some of these include relationships, parenthood, and both homosexual and heterosexual couples.
When thinking about why, exactly, I love the show I realized that its because it connects me to my past. I started watching Friends in high school; when I watch it now, it’s nostalgic in a way. I fell in love with the characters then, and today I still find myself feeling like I am “one of them” when I watch it. If you can find a show that does that for you, then its definitely a good one to keep watching. After reading, The REAL Reason Why 20-Somethings Are So Into Friends, I realized that I am not the only person who feels a deep connection to Friends.


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10 Responses to FRIENDS:”The One With The Sonogram At The End” -Allie Kleinman

  1. mediaphiles says:

    This is awesome. The characters are so relatable in many ways! I think we often view characters as “distant” from us in more ways than not, but they are designed to relate to people (and often do even more so on accident..) which makes for such a meaningful viewing experience. – Corey

  2. mediaphiles says:

    You are definitely not the only person who feels a deep connection to Friends! I think one of the reasons this show remains so popular is because it’s so relatable – even across generations. I love many sitcoms, but Friends is easily at the top of the list for this reason! (Now I want to binge watch Friends…) – Sarah King

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I completely agree that so many episodes of Friends highlight larger social and relational issues that everyone struggles with! I think that is why so many of us are always drawn back to such an extreme appreciation for this show, because there have been many times the writers have allowed us to laugh at our own mistakes and failures by laughing along with the characters as they are experiencing the same things. This quality in a sitcom is what determines its true success, and Friends absolutely captures that! -Lacey Worsham

  4. mediaphiles says:

    This show is definitely timeless and mainly due to the realistic characters, the controversial issues it seems to handle so well for it’s time (homosexuality, interracial relationships, etc.). I think the dynamic nature of the characters also helps make the show relatable. For example, I just watched the episode where Ross is with Rachel for her sonogram and compared to the scene you discuss in your post, Ross shows serious maturity. It is apparent that Ross has been through this before, and therefore, is able to help Rachel through the situation. I definitely plan to write about “Friends” before this is all over with. I’m determined. : )

  5. mediaphiles says:

    Above post is from Karoline Summerville – I suck at leaving my name

  6. marymdalton says:

    This was always “appointment TV” for me when it was on the air!

  7. mediaphiles says:

    This is a really cool take on the show. Friends is a timeless sitcom that I feel will be around for years to come yet I have never took the time to question why that may be. After reading your response I started to question what I could possibly think I have in common with the Friends characters. At first I had nothing but then I realized that I had a lot more in common than I thought. To think that the producers were able to make this show so relatable to so many different personalities and people is quite amazing in my opinion.
    -Kendall Fischlein

  8. mediaphiles says:

    I completely agree with you. Friends is on repeat on my netflix and I think its because it connects me to the time when I was first introduced to the show. This is one of my favorite episodes as well and I think the comments here prove that the show really is timeless because even now we can relate to at least one character, if not them all.- Ally Harper

  9. mediaphiles says:

    I definitely agree that Friends is a go-to when I want to watch something funny. Ross (bless his heart) has so many bad things happen to him and he manages to turn them all around and use humor to overcome something that would normally knock someone down for a long time. Chandler does the same thing, although it is definitely more apparent that his humor is more of a defense mechanism instead of a coping mechanism. Absolutely love Friends!
    -Sam Moore

  10. mediaphiles says:

    I feel the same way about Friends! When I watch it now, I remember the first time I watched each episode and feel nostalgic for the characters knowing how their stories play out. Watching an episode from the first season and then watching a later one is always so entertaining and shocking to see the difference in the character development and how different they look throughout each season. The episode you mentioned is also one of my favorites, especially seeing how important Ben becomes for Ross’s character development. I love the way Friends introduces these topics and creates relatable stories that help broaden viewers’ perspectives and make the show a platform for change.

    Arianna Gershon

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