Fantasy Football



I just started watching The Leaguea Sitcom that first aired on October the 29th 2009 on FX. The show is about a group of friends who have a Football Fantasy League, and where we get to see how their life’s turn around this league. What most amazed me and I enjoyed is the way that the script writers are able to always create 2 main story lines in the show. One is normally a problem that the friends are having with the fantasy league, and the other story line is normally about problems in their daily life.

The scriptwriters do a good job of at the end of each episode able to bring together both plots. This makes it very entertaining for me as the audience, because I am able to truly understand and get into the problems that the characters are facing. I think the humor in this sitcom is very dry and sarcastic which I love. They are 5 really good friends who met in high school, all of them very different and at different points in their life. This makes it even better for me, it reminds me of my friends from high school. We were all very different but matched very well. The show tries to illustrate the life a good amount of American people and the way that a simple game like can affect their lives so much. After all their whole life’s work around this league, and that is the only thing they care about. I would love to see how the whole production of the show works, and I would also love to see how their scriptwriters are able to write the jokes and also write the storyline.

This is my favorite show right now, and even though the actors are not extremely famous they work together very well to make this show very amusing and enjoyable. Here I attach a small video that shows the highlights of the first season, and where you can see some glitches of humor and how well the scriptwriters are able to make this show so fun to watch.


Jon Baquero

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3 Responses to Fantasy Football

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love this show also, partly because I am a football fan and love fantasy football but also just because it is hilarious. You are definitely right that the actors work well together, as they all have the same sort of goofy, vulgar sense of humor. The fact that the most central part of their lives is fantasy football makes perfect sense with this cast because the characters all fit perfectly into a stereotype of guys who are so immature that that is the most important thing to them,

    -Max Lissette

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I really enjoy watching this show too. What I love most is that it is almost entirely improvised. The show writers (most of the people in the cast), come up with a relative plot, and then they fill it with jokes themselves as their improvising the action. It’s a brilliant model of television. — Serena Daya

  3. marymdalton says:

    Have not seen it. Thanks for the tip…

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