Why Does Everyone Love Robin?


As I’ve stated many times before in class, How I Met Your Mother has been my favorite sitcom for as long as Ted has been in love with Robin…forever!  The more I re-watch this show, the more I think about the relationships among the characters and why they are the way they are.  Recently, I began to question why everyone is in love with Robin?  Not only are both Ted and Barney madly in love with her, but about any other guy she dates throughout the show falls immediately and undeniably in love with her.  It caused me to think more closely about her personality, and what she is likened to.  Robin likes scotch, guns, she is not emotional whatsoever, and she is ambitious.  Stereotypically, these qualities are ones typically associated with a man.  I thought these personality traits of the most desirable woman in the show were quite interesting considering the man that she ends up with (Ted) is constantly likened to a female and even called “gay” for liking to cook or for wearing his red cowboy boots.  Although we view How I Met Your Mother as a lighthearted comedy show, maybe it is much more than that but rather a commentary on gender identity in our society.  A woman does not have to be emotional and warm in order to be desirable, and a man does not have to drink scotch and avoid the kitchen in order to be a secure and wonderful man.  Thank goodness I have Netflix so I can continue to watch this show over and over and pick up on all of these little intricacies.

Stephanie Rubin

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5 Responses to Why Does Everyone Love Robin?

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love How I Met Your Mother and I never stopped and thought how Robin does have a lot of traits that a guy would have. I think that all the guys in the show like her because she is cool to hangout with, she is the typical best friend for a guy. It is also funny to think how she actually ended up with Ted and how different they are. – Jon Baquero

  2. mediaphiles says:

    You raise some interesting points. I feel that comedies have a subtle way of challenging social norms. Some are more blunt in their presentation than others. Modern family definitely makes you rethink the ideal of the nuclear family. I feel as if Donna from That ’70s Show does something similar, and she challenged conventional femininity. – Andrew Guido

  3. marymdalton says:

    Yet another series I really need to watch…more than the handful of episodes I’ve seen.

  4. mediaphiles says:

    Robin is definitely an outlier in this sitcom. She breaks the stereotype of the “emotional dependency” of women and carries herself in a way that exerts independence. Because Ted and Barney are such emotionally dependent people that are always seeking their definition of companionship to fill a bigger whole, Robin comes as a surprise to them and do not know how to approach such an emotionally independent person.

    -Shelby Halliman

  5. mediaphiles says:

    I like this take on the show. She is a flawed character, but I also think she upholds/represents the unrealistic standard that women are expected to live up to. You have to have a career, but still be invested in falling love and settling down. You have to be one of the guys, who burps and drinks scotch and eats terrible food, but also please have amazing cheekbones and weigh less than 130 pounds. Please love hockey, but also be sexy. Be just masculine enough that men can let their guard down, but also feminine enough to still be a sexual being.

    Elyse Conklin

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