Scream Queens | Valerie Medoff

Over the weekend, I was finally able to watch the first episode of season 2 of Scream Queens. At first this drama may look superficial, but the writing is in fact brilliant.


I had originally binge watched the first season last winter because I had heard some great things about it. Honestly though, I thought I was going to hate it. I thought it would play into the vapid sorority girl stereotype and mix weirdly with horror. I, however, loved it.

This show does such a wonderful job of taking conventions and smashing them for a hilarious effect. The stereotypes and genre conventions are taken so over the top for humorous effect.

While I loved the first season, I wasn’t sure how the next season would go. I assumed it would be like Pretty Little Liars where the real plot was accomplished in the first season and that the ensuing seasons would just draw out unnecessary plots in order to rake in the big bucks.

The first episode of Scream Queens season two seems to be adopting a fresh new plot. The second season is set in a creepy hospital where the Chanels, the sorority girls, and the rest of the ensemble attempt to cure the incurable. Oh and a lot of people will probably die along the way. The show has a true ensemble feel as big name actors join the show and are likely later killed off.

I would highly suggest this show to anyone who loves comedy and an unconventional plot.

Here’s an article that discusses more about the season 2 premiere:


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One Response to Scream Queens | Valerie Medoff

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I initially thought the same thing as you,that this show was going to be stereotypical and cheesy, but I loved it. This show was brilliant at combining humor and horror. The characters were well thought out and the actors really conveyed their personalities. I can’t wait to see where the plot line goes with the hospital and if Dean Munsch will ever let go.
    -Laya Mohan

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