Xoxo- Gossip Girl

It was not until after the show came to the end that I finally decided to watch Gossip Girl. Starting in September of 2007, 9 years ago today, and ending in 2012 did this 6 season show focused around American teen drama reach its peak with America’s youth. When watching the show I was so focused on the overly dramatic scenes to even notice what truly attracted me to the show. It was the style of writing and the way in which the writers were able to incorporate serious topics along a dramatic love story. Each character had perfectly witty lines along with their glamour life that was narrated by clever and crafty Gossip Girl herself.

Although the show got mixed reviews because many thought it was too raunchy or had no substance, I found it to be the exact opposite. It easily places the characters in scenarios in which they are forced to face serious issues that are at times uncomfortable to talk about. The show targets a multitude of social issues that teens face everyday including bullying, heartache, gossip, drug use, family issues, divorce, alcohol abuse, and so much more. I think as a teen watching this, I learned a lot about situations other teens may have been facing. The show not only shows how the characters get themselves into these issues but also the consequences that follow them which provided knowledge for the younger viewers.

With that said, I also understand where the negative remarks are made about the show. The lifestyle these Upper East Siders was not always so glamorous as it is was made out to be. In Season 1, the high schoolers are drinking until they are getting drunk in upscale establishments all over Manhattan. It was made very clear that none of the characters were of legal drinking age at this point and throughout their night rages none were ever carded or reprimanded by an adult. Many saw this as the show encouraging underage drinking but if you look at it from the other view point you saw once again the presentation of the consequences that come from alcohol abuse and ultimately deter teens from drinking.

With all this said, the story not only shed some light on these heavy topics but also gave viewers a thrilling love story that took a turn in every corner. With the popular group of friends showing the viewers how technology can truly increase communication in our generation, it is no question why the storyline is named Gossip Girl. The show constantly had you on the edge of your seat wanting to learn more about the characters upscale lifestyle.


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Guide to ‘Gossip Girl’




Alexandra Peralta-Rapale


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5 Responses to Xoxo- Gossip Girl

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Gossip Girl is my absolute favorite show! I have to admit, I binge watched the series on Netflix and could not stop watching it! But I found myself most intrigued by “Gossip Girl.” I think that aspect of the show was so interesting and suspenseful because I always wanted to know who was starting all of the drama. I definitely think that creating a mysterious gossiper was extremely clever on the writers part.
    -Jenna Romano

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I absolutely love GossipGirl and I find myself always wanting to be Blair. I do think you made a valid point about how their activities show younger viewers the dangers of engaging in those activities. I could also see it the other way, where kids want to be Serena or be Blair, so they copy what they do and get themselves in trouble. For example, when Jenny tries so hard to be one of Blair’s minions, she ends up shoplifting and other illegal activity. Kids may think that this is what they have to do to get to the next level.
    -Laya Mohan

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I also decided to start watching the show several years after the last season aired. As soon as I began watching on Netflix, I was hooked. There were moments throughout the show where I thought a particular storyline or particular event was too cliche or predictable and just when I thought it wasn’t different from any other teenage soap opera, the show would take a turn. When Gossip Girl is brought up in conversation today I always address how impressed I was with the script, the acting, and the creative structure and storyline throughout all of the seasons. There was never a time where I found myself bored or predicting what would come next in the show. It is funny to go back and watch some of the older episodes and note the different fashions and technology used then compared to now, but despite the dated props, the lessons and predicaments the characters dealt with are still relevant today.
    -Kendall Fischlein

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I love Gossip Girl too! I like how you discussed the large over-arching social issues that the characters deal with. Bullying was definitely a prominent one in the series, as we saw the effects of throughout the seasons. This show called attention to a new type of emotional bullying, and also introduced the concept of cyber-bullying. As ridiculous and outrageous as the show can be, I love this series and I think there are a lot of life lessons to be learned from the series.
    -Kelsey Sierra

  5. marymdalton says:

    There is a special kind of pleasure in jumping into a series after it has ended its run because you know exactly what you’re getting in to and can better schedule binge viewing!

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