One Tree Hill- The Family

By: Lacey Worsham

There is only one reason why One Tree Hill still has an overwhelmingly large and loyal fan base: the actors and actresses that make up the cast of this beloved television show. One Tree Hill lasted for nine seasons and directly competed against The O.C. I began watching it at a very young age because my older sister loved it. Now looking back on all the times we would watch it together and apply its messages to our own lives, I am reminded of many happy memories that were created through this show. I do not, however, really believe that its success lies in its ability to connect with viewers using different, common themes that can be seen in tons of other shows we often love or identify with, but instead lies in the talent of its cast.


Viewers might be drawn to a certain television show because of the plot or humor, but the deciding factor of whether or not they will remain loyal to the show is the cast’s ability to act out their character in a way that makes the show feel as real as the viewer’s own life does.  The cast of One Tree Hill was successfully able to do this because we watched the characters grow and change like they were right beside us as we were experiencing the same things. They showed us how to deal with the large things in life, like violence, bullying, and depression, as well as the little things, like friendship and relationship trouble.

The cast’s success is evident every year during the One Tree Hill fan convention in Wilmington, North Carolina. This convention has been taking place since the show became popular and is continuing now 5 years after the show was concluded. What makes the convention special, however, is the annual arrival of as many cast members as possible. E! News stated that a majority of the cast always clear their schedules for the weekend of the convention and even have a weekend every year where the cast alone has a “family reunion”. I believe this demonstrates how special the show was not only to their fans, but also to each and every cast member that played a role in its production.

It is chemistry like the One Tree Hill cast contains that distinguishes true success and creates a lasting impact.

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5 Responses to One Tree Hill- The Family

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I recently became a One Tree Hill fan last summer thanks to the ability to binge watch on Netflix. I also watched it with my little brother and it became “our show”. I agree completely with you that the plots and themes were not necessarily new and different from any other teen drama out there, but it was the ability of the cast to portray them in such a believable way. I see these actors on other shows and programs and immediately say “that’s Lucas” or “that’s Brooke!” because I don’t know them as actors, but as the characters that I came to know and love. I think the fact that the series ran for 9 seasons helped this fact. We, as an audience, were able to watch these characters grow and mature. For example, I hated Brooke for the first couple seasons, and I left the show thinking that she was my favorite character. It’s as if we appreciate the realness of these characters more and that is why we stick with it.
    Nicolette McCann

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I never truly got around to watching One Tree Hill although all my friends and even my own sister were in love with the series. I have always assumed it was comparable to Gossip Girl as it follows the lives of a group of teens that have dramatic lives. With that being said, I think shows like these allow teens to connect and relate to the characters and learn about different topics.

    Alexandra Peralta

  3. mediaphiles says:

    OTH is one of my favorite shows of all time! I agree with you that the plots and themes were not new from any other teen drama, but the cast was amazing and that is what makes OTH great to an extent. Yes the cast was great, yes that is what made them last for 9 seasons, but I also think that it was like Friends, OTH’s different characters that made the show. Each viewer can resonate with a character whether you are a Lucas or a Peyton or a Brooke. In addition, OTH stands out to me because of its music. It was able to innovate television by combining bringing new music to its viewers with bringing new episodes to its viewers as well. I can recount almost every episode of OTH but I can also tell you dozens of songs I found from OTH and that i connect with the show itself. -Ally Harper

  4. mediaphiles says:

    OTH is one of my absolute favorite shows. I completely agree that it really is the chemistry of the entire cast (evidenced by multiple real-life relationships between the actors as well) that truly makes the show have such a strong fan base. I also love that each episode is so dramatic–it keeps me on my toes and grabs my attention nearly every second. The character development is so real–take Brooke for example. In the very beginning she starts off as a bitchy and shallow party girl and ends the series as an accomplished career woman, wife and mother. As cheesy as it sounds it was cool to see the characters truly develop and grow throughout the series.

    -Sam Moore

  5. mediaphiles says:

    One Tree Hill will always be one of my favorite TV shows, and so much of this comes from the nostalgia associated with it. The show plays on powerful emotions and portrays the difficulties of growing up. In some ways, One Tree Hill is our generation’s Friends. We grew up with the characters and related to the cultural struggles of their time. People use this nostalgia to reminisce on their own life during the time they associate with the show and relate to the characters on a different level. I agree that the cast carried the show and kept us coming back for more. I remember when I first heard what it was about and thought there was no way I would like a show about basketball, but ended up hooked after one episode. We all fell in love with Lucas, wanted to be Brooke, and empathized with Peyton. The development of each character and their relationships with each other over the years showed us the ups and downs of growing up and helped us through our own maturing experiences.

    Arianna Gershon

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