Psych: Gotcha Again

Psych is one of the few shows that I enjoyed enough to watch every episode of every season. It follows the comically thriller adventures of hypersensitive Shawn Spencer and his best friend, Burton Guster (Gus). Shawn’s hypersensitivity to details leads him to solve an unsolvable police investigation, which in turn leads him to create Psych, a business where the police can hire him to help solve difficult cases. He continuously recruits his friend Gus to come on cases with him, much to Gus’ chagrin.

psych     “Psych, “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1, 2006)

The deaths in this show are all gruesome, from violent murders to shark attacks, all with an air of mystery that only Shawn can seem to solve. Shawn is unperturbed by the grisly scenes, usually making light of the scene or something else at the scene, much to the annoyance of Head Detective Lassiter. He usually does this through various puns and 1980s/1990s references, which I find extremely amusing. His happy-go-lucky attitude throughout the show adds to the hilarity and helps cement his anti-establishment character. He has never held down the same job for more than a few months until he establishes Psych, which provides a continuous source of entertainment for Shawn. He often rubs the police force the wrong way due to his unruly actions that go against standard police actions, such as breaking and entering into suspects houses, but at the end of the day he is able to solve cases and put criminals behind bars.

My favorite episodes include the elusive thief, Pierre Despereaux, played by Cary Elwes. He constantly outwits and stumps Shawn, much to his irritation, thus adding more hilarity as Shawn struggles to get one step ahead of Despereaux. In his second appearance on the show, Shawn and Despereaux team up, adding a new element to the show as detective and criminal work together to solve the case of who is framing Despereaux for several murders. It is great watching two extremely devious men work together to solve a case because they meld so well together.

This show successfully combines comedy with murder mystery, and in my opinion does the best job at it out of the many that were and are on television. Not only did this show make me laugh, at many times it also held me in suspense and was occasionally able to scare me- a little. I do think that the show did go on for longer than it should have, for sometimes the cases did seem to repeat themselves or were too outrageous to be believable. The show was good enough for me to keep watching it and I hope another comedy murder mystery show comes along that is good enough to rival this one.

  • Turner Arrington
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4 Responses to Psych: Gotcha Again

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Psych is one of my all time favorite shows. In high school, Shawn Spencer was my idol. The 1980s references were great, the guest stars, the humor, everything worked. Well almost everything. To your point about the show going on too long and repeating itself, the show spoofed that about themselves by having the episode “Cloudy With a Chance of…Murder” (Season 1) be remade in the final season as “Cloudy With a Chance of…Improvement” (Season 8). The show was highly self aware and had a stupendous finale. Psych could work in emotional beats of Shawn-Gus and Shawn-Juliet really well, and the finale interwove the three characters in a hilarious and touching way. A+++ show. I wish Netflix wasn’t taking it off their library October 1. – Max Dosser

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I love Psych! It was very hard for me to watch the last episode. I remember I had to wait a couple months before I was emotionally prepared. Though I do agree with you as well, some episodes I felt were arbitrary like the Pysch: The Musical episode where they were all singing about this case they received. It was very cheesy, even though I still found some humor in it because of my unrequited love for this show. It was not very memorable to me like the others, but it was the type of episode that I just watched to get it over with, which is very rare in a fantastic show such as Psych.

  3. marymdalton says:

    I have never seen this series…but appreciate the recommendation.

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