How the Principles of Sitcom Allowed the League to Last so Long

The League is a sitcom centered around five grown men that obsess over their fantasy football league. While the idea behind the show starts with fantasy football, the true comedy in the situations stems from the individual storylines of how the characters manage the challenges of their daily lives while keeping up with their fantasy football teams. Using the theme of fantasy football, the writers flipped the priorities of the characters, allowing for some hilarious storylines. The League is one example of a sitcom that seems to have pushed the sitcom boundaries in terms of how many storylines they follow, all while staying true to the central theme of fantasy football.

More often then not in earlier sitcoms, the central theme is centered around a family or group of people, who generally spend most of their time together throughout the plot. The League uses the relatively unserious theme of fantasy football, but through the way each character develops throughout the show, they create meaningful and hilarious individual storylines for each character, and the group as a whole. In my opinion, The League is one of the better sitcoms on TV that successfully creates multiple storylines that are easy to follow. This ties back into the principles of sitcom because the writers took the basics of a regular sitcom—starting with a group of people—but branched it off with the storylines of the individuals. Giving each character their own story, rather than just the group as a whole, while being able to tie it back into the main theme has made the league a great show for seven seasons, though this season will be the final one. For seven seasons however, The League was able to use such a simple topic, and turn it into numerous stories that essentially created several sitcoms all in one show.

Tyler B

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2 Responses to How the Principles of Sitcom Allowed the League to Last so Long

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve never heard of The League, but you’ve definitely peaked my interest. I’ll have to watch it! Karly Morgan

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I think to go on for so long they eventually got away from their roots of having mostly fantasy football content and ended up having a little less fantasy football content in the show than I would have liked.

    -Max Lissette

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