Brianna’s Role in Grace and Frankie

My mother and I bonded this past summer over our obsession with the series Grace and Frankie. I think Grace’s daughter, Brianna, is a character that makes the show. Brianna is played by June Diane Raphael, and she is absolutely hilarious. Brianna became a young executive when she took over her mother’s company. She is completely different than her uptight and always put together mother. Brianna is unlady-like, blunt, and absolutely inappropriate. As her older sister is pregnant with her third kid, and her mother’s cosmetics business is expanding to include organic lube, audiences can infer that Brianna feels a little overwhelmed and behind in life.

Although she has succeeded in her career thus far, her love life is essentially non-existent. She has a short fling with a guy working at a pet store, and then another scandalous work hook-up with an entry-level employee. It’s interesting to analyze Brianna’s character and her actions. Does getting involved with guys far below her status give her a confidence boost? Why is she having sexual intercourse with guys who aren’t even showing interest in dating her romantically? Why is she wasting time with guys in a casual manner, when in reality she needs to settle down like her sister?

It is worth noting that characters like Brianna are wildly successful on modern television, but probably weren’t 40-50 years ago. This is because so many unladylike, or unconventional TV female characters have paved the way for Brianna. Brianna’s character toys with ideas of what it means to be feminine, by adopting some masculine behavioral traits, like her carefree attitude about sexual intercourse, and her desire for power in the business she is running. In addition, her humor is extremely raunchy, which most female comedians shy away from. 

Here is an article that discusses more about June Diane Raphael and her role as “Brianna” on Grace and Frankie.
-Kelsey Sierra

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2 Responses to Brianna’s Role in Grace and Frankie

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love Brianna as a character in Grace and Frankie. She is sassy, ballsy, and incredibly intelligent. She plays the role of “strong female character.” However, I do see some issue with the idea that she is damaged in some way, for whatever reason. She has serious emotional issues present in the show and I think it can detract from her character in some points. –Serena Daya

  2. marymdalton says:

    I need to see the second season. After binging through Season One after it dropped, I wasn’t as connected to the series and appreciative of it as many of my friends.

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