Is it ‘Awkward’ that I can relate?

The MTV series Awkward presents a group of new actors with Ashley Rickards taking the lead role as the awkward teen, Jenna Hamilton. The show captures, like most shows that focus on high school years, the embarrassing and difficult struggles teens face during high school. Of course, this includes different cliques such as the jocks, the mean girls, the nerds, etc. So what is it that pulls people in that the other high school shows don’t have? I think its simply the awkward character that Jenna is. She is so relatable to every clique that you can’t help but want to be her friend.

Jenna starts off having a hidden relationship with a popular student all the girls want- Matty Mckibben, which then causes her to be mocked and made fun of by mean cheer leader- Sadie Saxton. Throughout the show, Jenna undergoes multiple uncomfortable and embarrassing issues. Trying to resolve her issues, Jenna goes to her clueless parents, unhelpful student advisor, and dear friend Tamara. What helps her the most? Writing about these situations in her blog and simply let her thoughts go. The show really helps teens connect with issues and learn how to handle things that may be uncomfortable or just simply awkward to deal with.

The take away message is simply to go with the flow with whatever life throws at you, or as Ashley Rickards (actress who plays Jenna) would say, the “theme of the show is, you can’t change what happens to you, but you can change the way you feel about it.”


If you haven’t seen Awkward before, take a chance and watch an episode or two!

-YOU’RE WELCOME.  (Sadie Saxton’s voice)


Check out this blog to see another point of view on MTV’s Awkward:

Raising Teens Blog



-Alexandra Peralta: Oct 4th/2016

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9 Responses to Is it ‘Awkward’ that I can relate?

  1. mediaphiles says:

    This is a great blog post! I also love the show Awkward, however, I constantly find myself cringing at all of Jenna’s calamities and mishaps. I love that on one level I can relate to Jenna in every way and then on others, I feel that I am a slightly more socially competent which gives me some peace of mind!

    Stephanie Rubin

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I personally have never been a fan of the show, but I have watched a few episodes and completely agree with you. I have also noticed MTV has a way of creating these shows that seem completely bizarre, annoying or off-the wall, yet so many people enjoy them, or even in your case relate to them. I am still trying to get my friends to start watching Teen Wolf!
    Kendall Fischlein

  3. mediaphiles says:

    Awkward is such an awesome television sitcom. I feel like the term “awkward” has reached a new cultural significance and this television show exemplifies this change. What produces awkwardness for the average teenager now is completely different from what our parents experienced. For one, the modern teen and millennial deal with the influence of social media, texting, and the internet. I wish sitcoms would do more with Tinder, because that is such a new cultural phenomenon and it would provide so many situations full of awkwardness. – Andrew Guido

  4. mediaphiles says:

    This show is hilarious in the fact that it is extremely awkward in every sense of the word. I agree with Andrew above, in that our ability to relate to Jenna’s awkwardness is completely different than the awkwardness, if at all for some, that our own parents faced in high school. They lacked the internet which opens up the biggest can of worms for high school teens. I’m sure alcohol, sex and school provided enough awkwardness but now add social media to it. What a nightmare.

    -Meg Murphy

  5. mediaphiles says:

    I did really like the first couple seasons of the show but eventually lost interest. I just find it really frustrating when the girl who is the “outsider” is absurdly conventionally attractive, smart, and witty. To me it sets an unhealthy standard for people who are actually awkward and fat like I was in high school. Even the bully who gets mocked for being fat….is not fat. At all. It reminds me of the common trope on high school of people who are usually 22-27 playing high schoolers on TV and movies. But I use the phrase “DTR” DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP all the time still, so it left an impact on me that wasn’t entirely negative.

    Elyse Conklin

  6. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve never seen the show Awkward but from what I’ve heard (and from this blog post) it’s definitely a show I can relate to. I feel like it’s a show you can connect to because it goes deeper into truly “awkward” situations rather than brushing the surface. By doing so we can relate to various situation where we have felt awkward or just confused on what to do.

    – Ziba Klein

  7. mediaphiles says:

    I watched the first couple of seasons of Awkward, and I agree with you about some of the situations being relatable at times, but I ultimately lost interest in the show because after a while some of the situations seemed a little too over-the-top and cringe-worthy. I love your point about not being able to change what happens to you but being able to change how you feel about it, though! I think that is absolutely the running thread through the show and even through the wonky story lines that shines through. – Taylor Borden

  8. marymdalton says:

    Good conversation!

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