The Sexualization of Women through Television: Spotlight on SNL


Still from Saturday Night Live, “Live Report” (2016.)

From the beginning of television, the sexualization of women has always been an underlying issue. Social media, television, and Hollywood have shaped our society, politics, and viewers to see women as these sexual objects of beauty instead of smart and powerful leaders.

We are constantly surrounded by sexualized images of women on our computers, walking down the street, turning on the TV, and driving on the highway. Our culture has become one that damages the body image of young girls, and convinces them that being an intelligent and accomplished young women won’t cut it in today’s day and age. The media has set hyper-sexualized standards for women, which in turn, sends the message to females that one must be beautiful in order to even be considered attractive by a man.

Take the “Live Report” skit from Saturday Night Live for example. Although SNL obviously exaggerates the sexualization of Margot Robbie in this clip, it exemplifies what women experience on a day to day basis in our overly-sexualized society. This lighthearted video is just one example of society’s and men’s infatuation with women’s beauty and their “assets.” Although the SNL skit provides comic relief to the issue, I must ask, how can we deal with such a pressing problem when it is brushed aside by societal norms?


– Eleanor Raether

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One Response to The Sexualization of Women through Television: Spotlight on SNL

  1. marymdalton says:

    Have you seen Amy Schumer’s sketch critiquing the double standard for females on television sitcoms? Hilarious and sad at the same time — TRUE!

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