Why do we watch TV?

When I used to live at home I would watch TV every day. After dinner my family and I would sit and watch whatever was on TV that day for hours, but this changed when I came to college. I didn’t watch TV anymore, I had no time or interest for that anymore. Maybe my busy soccer schedule or the work load didn’t allow me to. But as weeks went by, I started to miss it. So I told myself that I had to create myself some time to disconnect and just be able to watch something!

I started doing that for a couple of weeks and realized how much better that made me feel, my attitude changed and I felt happier.This made me think, why do we watch TV? Well I think TV shows are a perfect way to escape from real life and to forget about our problems. It was like the perfect excuse on my schedule for me to turn the lights of my room and lay in bed. Who doesn’t like doing that?

I started watching Two and Half Men one of those days, and this show made me so happy. I watched the whole show in one semester. I loved the dark humor and the connection the actors in the show had. Watching that 20 minute episode made me happier, I could do hours of work after an episode. The magic of sitcoms is that they make us happy and helps us forget about our problems. So I encourage all of you to give yourself a break every once in a while, watch your favorite show and you’ll be re-energized for hours!

Jon Baquero


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6 Responses to Why do we watch TV?

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Two and a Half Men ROCKS so I’m glad you chose to use this as your example. I also think it’s interesting to think about the shows people choose to watch (i.e., is there a pattern in the types of shows a particular person ‘flocks’ to) and how they perceive them in terms of their own lives. Pretty cool how influential TV is. – Corey

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I agree that television acts as an escape! I use that as my justification for my love of reality tv. It allows me to mentally relax and escape from my own reality for a little bit of time!

    Stephanie Rubin

  3. mediaphiles says:

    Interesting points! I think people watch TV for many different reasons and it has become almost habitual in American culture just to even have the TV playing in the background while doing things regardless if the person is actually paying attention to it or not. I also think producers take into account the societal context of the time period and try to provide a comic relief for current stressful or tense events and situations.
    Kendall Fischlein

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I completely agree that TV is the perfect escape, and has been ever since its creation. I think that is why people will always be drawn to TV, often over books or other forms of entertainment. By presenting characters we can identify with without having to spend too much time figuring out who they are or WHY we identify with them, is the perfect medium (for the average American especially). We like watching easy, funny television shows because it does let us forget about our own troubles, if just for the moment.
    -Lacey Worsham

  5. mediaphiles says:

    Television is an escape and a reward for me. Right now I am taking a break in the middle of an intense scene in the show I am currently watching to do homework. If i get enough accomplished, about an hours worth, I will be able to view the remaining ten minutes. Doing this allows me to get my work done and still be able to enjoy myself. Television is my motivation so I am really glad it is here to motivate me.

    -turner arrington

  6. marymdalton says:

    I agree with all of you! Such a nice release…and escape…and reward…but also never “just” a TV show!

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