Designated Survivor



After reading a post from a classmate about the new show Designated Survivor I decided I absolutely had to give it a watch because the plot line was so good. While the show can be a little bit slow at times, I think that it is incredible. The story line is incredibly interesting as a tragedy strikes the capitol building and the 11th person in line to take over the presidency is thrust into the position of President in a matter of minutes. The main questions surrounding his role as president are how he will use his position of power and whether he can complete the task despite being extremely under-qualified.  I think it is really interesting also how the show uses real life situations in its story line. For instance, when the capitol building is bombed and an Islamic terrorist group is the prime suspect, people nationwide start to become prejudice towards Muslim people. In particular, the police act strongly against Muslims and even borderline unconstitutionally as they stop anyone who even looks like they could be Muslim. This prejudice and stereotyping is highlighted when the President’s speechwriter himself that works at the white house is stopped and questioned by DC police. The police man in the scene doesn’t believe him when he says he works at the white house and despite his identification checking out, even feels the need to call the white house and confirm with them that this man does indeed work there. Elsewhere in the country,Muslim people were being attacked by police and one was even beaten to the point of dying from internal bleeding. This episode really highlighted the problems our country has been having recently with both police brutality and prejudice against groups of people. I think that it has become really popular for show to send political messages these days and I think that that is a good thing because people tend to care more about and pay more attention to what they see in shows then in other places like the news. That is not to say that people do not care about the news, but I think that it helps for people to understand a problem that they previously did not understand as much when they see it occur in a TV show then in real life because they are viewing it as a complete outsider from the situation with no bias toward a certain side or with no “horse in the race” of their own.


Max Lissette

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4 Responses to Designated Survivor

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I feel like many shows nowadays highlight what is occurring in politics at society. “Brain Dead” is another show that follows politics closely, working in what happens during the week into their show. It is really cool and interesting to watch how they will poke fun at the government. I like how “Designated Survivor” focuses on how what occurs in politics effects society and how they deal with it, such as with the prejudice towards Muslims that is in the show and in real life too.

    -turner arrington

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I love that this show is reflecting the political and social turmoil of our time in a unique way.

    Karly Morgan

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I freaking love this show! I might just be biased because ummm… Jack Bauer, but I truly think this show provides such a great commentary on political upheaval, as well as, perpetuated societal social norms. – Katie N

  4. marymdalton says:

    Lots of buzz on this one…

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