Speechless–Do you Recommend?

(Leah Haynes)

I haven’t had much time lately (understatement of the century) to watch a lot of Tv for pleasure, and until I started this course, I haven’t had much motivation to watch sitcoms when I do. I typically like more dramatic television or the Food Network. I have been interested, however, in finding time to watch Speechless. 

The reviews I have read so far have been positive–I like Minnie Driver and was not surprised to see that she’s been well-received in the “overbearing but ultimately doing whatever it takes for her children” role, and was exceptionally pleased to read that the actor playing JJ DiMeo–Micah Fowler–also has CP; this is important for combating ableism in the performance industry. Think of all the times you’ve seen a person without a disability portraying a person on the autism spectrum, or with Downs. (I love What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Forrest Gump–but they are prime examples).

Has anyone seen the first few episodes of this? Can you speak to both its entertainment value and perhaps the strides it’s making in representation in the TV landscape?

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3 Responses to Speechless–Do you Recommend?

  1. mediaphiles says:

    If you want to satisfy the dark, evil parts of your humor (because everyone has one), then I recommend watching Shameless. Season 1 is my favorite, the rest I watch for background noise.

  2. marymdalton says:

    I watched the pilot (liked it) and have the other episodes waiting for me! So far, I’m pleased with the depiction of disability.

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