F is For Family: Kenny a Rural Guy in a 1970s Setting

Since one of our other classmate have already written about F is For Family why not keep it going? This week in we’ve talked about rural sitcoms and their impact on the audience of there time, but what I think is more interesting is the representation of rural characters in modern day sitcoms.

If you’ve already seen the show before then you know about this character named Ken. If you haven’t see the show Ken is the kid in the pink covering (which is actually housing insulation). Ken is a young neighborhood boy who is friends with Bill and Maureen Murphy, but what is particular about Ken is that he has no home and is portrayed as the rural character the show. In the season 1, episode 2 Ken is wears housing insulation to protect him from getting hit with the baseball. Ken’s a bit of an unfortunate character because him and his brother are homeless and live in the woods near the Murphys’ neighborhood. Ken is depicted as uneducated and less desired than compared to the Murphys and this theme is replayed  throughout the season.

The rural sitcom chapter talks about the difference between The Real McCoys and The Beverley Hillbillies is that The Real McCoys are aware of their difference of calls between themselves and their neighbors compared to The Beverley Hillbillies. The same happens to Ken in F is for Family. Ken, like The Beverley hillbillies, is blissfully unaware of his class to the Murphys and continues to play with them around the neighborhood. It wasn’t until Bill Murphy pointed out that Ken was wearing insulation. It shows how even in today’s modern shows that there is still a lot to analyze.

(Season 1, Episode 2, 2015.)untitled_1

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