Halloweentown: a Modern Day “Magicom” | Valerie Medoff

Halloween movies are my absolute favorite–and no, I’m not talking about horror films. I much prefer cheesy and adorably hilarious Halloween movies. Among my favorites are the Disney Channel classics the Halloweentown franchise and the Twitches franchise.

I decided to watch Halloweentown with a friend and couldn’t help but realize the connections it shared with magicoms.


The Halloweentown films are pure nostalgia for me. They hark back to my elementary and middle school days when I could come home from a day of school and plop myself down in front of the TV for some quality Disney Channel time. I lived for “Monstober” when Disney would air a different Halloween movie every night.

So much of these films, Halloweentown especially, is pure escapism. We as viewers are launched into the fantastical world of monsters and witches, skeletons and werewolves. The characters problems are ones that can be resolved only through magic.

Additionally, these movies frequently tackle discrimination in regards to the “other.” Similarly to the episode we watched this week of Bewitched, Halloweentown tackles the issue of racial discrimination through the guise of monsters.

The themes of magicoms are still present in many televisions shows and movies today due to the fact that we as viewers are again seeking a way to escape.


Here’s a little promo clip if you want to take a look.

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2 Responses to Halloweentown: a Modern Day “Magicom” | Valerie Medoff

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I have not seen these movies in so long that it is interesting to see that issues and topics that we are talking about in class each week are visible even in shows from where we were little kids. Magicoms is a perfect genre to describe these movies, however Halloweentown is not as senseless and idiotic as some of the critics claim magicoms are (but maybe that is just my inner, nostalgic feelings toward this movie because I love it!) –Jenna Romano

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I loved these movies as well when I was younger and even to this day when they come on tv I get so excited. I have never noticed how magicoms have indirectly addressed racial discrimination issues. It is very interesting and clever now that I examine the old movies and shows that I watched that have this similar structure to them.
    Kendall Fischlein

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