Daria as cross Feminist/ Liberated Character

From the `1970s  chapter in The Sitcom Reader, the chapter talks about the characteristics of the feminist and liberated woman. It discusses how there wasn’t a correlation between the actual real life feminist or liberated woman. The chapter defines the feminist woman as wearing pants suits, doesn’t shave, being this domineering, and repulses the people around her. The liberated woman doesn’t have the same problems as the feminist, but she is seen as dull and when she does have a man the man is usually very weak and doesn’t ask for her hand in marriage.

Daria, seems to posses these very same characteristics as the chapter’s feminist and liberated woman. Daria is a a conscious and witty, which are great qualities, but her character is ruined with her monotone voice. It makes her character unappealing to the guys around her. Daria is the total opposite of her sister who is popular and “pretty”. Even Daria’s mother wants her to be more like her younger sister: Peppy and eager for the world. Daria’s realistic approach to her life makes her the feminist woman as well as liberated, because she has ambitions to become her own woman and not follow the footsteps of other girls in the show, who aspire to find a boyfriend and become popular. 960

“Still from Daria,  Image from [http://www.avclub.com/article/10-episodes-daria-prove-she-gave-damn-242155].”

Shayla Hampton

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