Is Girls Really a Sitcom?

Girls has quickly become my new favorite show and outlet for my social angst.  However, after concluding the first two seasons I asked myself, is this really that funny? The show is filled with social interactions and mental issues that make me question if this show is more of a statement on girls of our generation than a show for entertainment purposes.  I am particularly intrigued by Lena Dunham’s character.  She is hilarious, yet wildly insecure and constantly in relationships that broadcast these insecurities.  I think this depiction is more frustrating than humorous many times in the show.  Hannah is a smart and talented writer, and her inability to appreciate her self-worth is frustrating to me in many points throughout the show.  Marnie is another fascinating character.  She is the classic (b word) and annoyingly uses her beauty as an excuse for her horrible behavior at times.  Of course, this is funny from the comfort of my couch, but this depiction of a female is quite insulting and at times makes my blood boil! Although this show is extremely funny, there is really nothing funny about characters like Hannah and Marnie at times in the show.  This social commentary is fascinating and creative but one definitely needs to be prepared and open to it.cast-Girls-posed-together-red-carpet.jpg

Stephanie Rubin

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3 Responses to Is Girls Really a Sitcom?

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I totally agree, Stephanie, and I think it’s a good question. For this same exact reason, I have contemplated how to analyze my sitcom for my final paper “Orange is the New Black,” which runs into some similar issues with how to categorize. I have chosen Season One, which I think is a much more “sitcom-ish” sitcom, rather than the later seasons which I believe delve into some deeper, more dramatic issues that take it from the sitcom characteristics. I absolutely agree with your analysis and I do appreciate that Girls is being talked about because of the many underlying issues it holds. – Corey

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I had the same thoughts while watching Girls. At the least, I think the show should be considered a dramedy. I did find myself laughing at times, but more than anything the show was mainly a drama. I also think the depictions of the characters are stereotypical. I think this does work for the show in some ways because it does touch on different girl stereotypes, which can be relatable. Although, I also think it hurts the show at the same time because it does continue with the stereotypes. – Katie Thevenow

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I never considered Girls at its core to be a sitcom, even though I think the show is hilarious. I’m honestly not sure what to categorize Girls as other than a really good ass show. But I do believe that a sitcom can be funny while simultaneously making a statement on societal issues. I guess I just wouldn’t put Girls into the sitcom mold because I view sitcoms as corny situational comedies where every issue is neatly resolved at the end and tied up in a nice little bow. Girls is not that. The show is a realistic depiction of what some girls are going through in their early to mid twenties, it’s raw, confusing and frustrating as hell at times but that’s life. -Courtney Green

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