Let’s Go To Stars Hollow – Allie Kleinman

Who else is obsessed with Gilmore Girls? As for me, I watched the show my junior year in college and was immediately in love with the characters, the city, and the plot. I was  intrigued by Lorelei and Rory’s close relationship, Luke’s negative attitude, Sookie’s cooking, Kirk’s quirky tactics, and Emily Gilmore’s rude remarks.

Even though I watched the show from my dorm room, Gilmore Girls allowed me to feel like I was at home. The show has a warm, nurturing feel to it in almost every episode. The series as a whole is easily relatable because it focuses on Rory’s experiences throughout high school and college.


After I finished all of the seasons, and had some time to sulk and be sad about the fact that it was over, I told my mom that she needed to watch it. She, too, fell in love with the show and would call me each night to fill me in on what happened in the episodes she watched that day. I began to love the show even more because it allowed my mom and I to bond and create connections with Rory and Lorelei.

My mom’s personality is much more similar to Lorelei’s; she’s very outgoing. I am more similar to Rory because I am an introvert and work really hard in school.

When considering all of my favorite shows, I realized that the majority of them are the ones in which I can relate to the most. Gilmore Girls does an exceptional job at creating a storyline that people of all ages can connect with. With that being said, I am incredibly excited for the Gilmore Girls Revival to be released in November!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Gilmore Girls Revival, check out Everything You Need to Know About the Gilmore Girls Revival.

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3 Responses to Let’s Go To Stars Hollow – Allie Kleinman

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I love Gilmore Girls. I also binge watched the entire series when it came out on Netflix. The show provides that sense of comfort with light humor that is sarcastic and definitely unlike what comedy is today. I wish there was a new show today that embodies the same values as Gilmore Girls did.

    Laya Mohan

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I love Gilmore Girls as well (except that last season, we pretend it doesn’t exist). The show is so refreshing because it develops such strong character arcs which are relatable. A lot of character arcs succeed in making characters less like themselves and more like other people. This show manages to keep the uniqueness of each character as a through line, even though they develop the characters. The characters mature with the show which is wonderful and refreshing to watch. — Serena Daya

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I completely agree that the true success of Gilmore Girls lies in its ability to apply to tons of different people of different ages. The relationship between Rory and Lorelai is so well-depicted and explained that girls and their mothers cant help but identify with it! This is one of the best and wholesome shows around, and I wish we saw more shows like this these days! -Lacey Worsham

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