It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane.. Nope It’s Supergirl Getting Saved

I enjoy watching superhero movies and when my friend mentioned that there was a relatively new show  on named Supergirl I had to watch a snippet to see what it was like! I have not been able to catch a full length episode of the show yet, however, I stubbled upon this clip when looking for the trailer of the show and was not very impressed.

This clip is from Season 2 and controversially features Superman who was not in the first season of Supergirl at all. In the clip, Supergirl is portrayed as very weak and helpless. If her powers have anywhere near the potency as Superman’s powers,s then there is no reason she should let this lame villain beat her around like this.

She puts up her fists up like she is preparing to fight the villain purely with her physical strength and proceeds to throw the first punch off balance and with terrible aim and power. When she is finally knocked to the ground by the villain’s fire/electricity blasts she is conveniently knocked unconscious and right as the villain is about to finish her, Supergirl faintly sees someone save her which we know is Superman.

Not only does this show that she can’t hold her own against a male villain, but it also shows that she has to be saved by a male superhero as well. This completely takes away from her credibility as a superhero and also as a power female presence in general.

Comparing her to other female heroes and villains from the popular Marvel movies such as Catwoman and Rogue, she seems completely exposed and not intimidating to male counterparts in the least. At the end of the clip, it does show Supergirl unpleased with Superman Saving her and claims that she needs/can do the job on her own which attributes a little more independence and integrity to her name, however, the overall portrayal of Supergirl in this clip was in fact not super, but weak, defenseless, and made the hero seem like the damsel in distress.


Kendall Fischlein (Blog #5)

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3 Responses to It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane.. Nope It’s Supergirl Getting Saved

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Unfortunately I’m not surprised this show created an episode where even Supergirl needed help. I think a common theme when examining female leads in TV shows is that they can never “have it all”. For example Law & Order: SVU, the main female lead Olivia is an incredible and successful detective, but she can never keep a boyfriend and always has trouble in her love life. Hopefully in the future, we will see less of this in shows with female leads. – Katie Thevenow

    • mediaphiles says:

      I completely agree! One day we really should have a female character who can have it all. It’s very sad that even a SUPER woman can’t always be the hero and save other. She has to be saved sometimes. Not cool! – Katie N

  2. mediaphiles says:

    Although I do agree that this clip was nothing special, you did mention the fact that you had not yet caught a full episode of the show. So maybe this one of the few moments where supergirl was not on her A game. Of course it is still problematic that this clip made her seem like the stereotypical weak female that needed a mann to save her but every super hero has had times where he or she is weak and needed help from a friend. So yes although seeing this clip can stir up many issues, the same can be said if we take it out of context as well. -Courtney Green

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