Hospitals aren’t supposed to be funny… |Laya Mohan

As many of you, I am a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I binge watched the series the summer before college and just this past summer and I am fully caught up. With that being said, I will be talking about the newer episodes of this season, which are not on Netflix, so if you are not caught up, I would stop reading right now, unless you do not care about spoilers…


Still from Grey’s Anatomy “Ain’t No Miracle Worker” (Season 13, Episode 3) Personal screen capture from

I found this new season of Grey’s to be hilarious. I know that the main plot line is Alex’s fate at Grey Sloan Memorial and his future of a surgeon, but the entire show is not focused on him. I actually feel a bit bad for him because he never gets a happy ending, but also nothing is focused on him. I think they should because he is an original cast member and he deserves to be happy with Jo. Nothing ever goes right for him, and it is about time it did.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the humor being a focal point in the series now. All the episodes of this season, I have literally laughed out loud, and not just a little smile here and there, but an actual laugh. My favorite scene was when Tuck bullies a classmate and Miranda tries to discipline him, but Ben wants to step in. Ben uses a scare tactic along with Jackson showing Tuck images of Andrew DeLuca, after Alex beat him. Ben tells him that this is what happens when you bully other kids and that he will end up in jail. When Tuck tells his mother what Ben did and how he learned his lesson and does not want to end up in jail, I thought it was hilarious.

Grey’s Anatomy has always been a medical drama to me, with some romantic aspects, but I never categorized this as a comedy. I think it is interesting to see how Grey’s has evolved as more than just a serious narrative about Meredith’s life, but is now a collection of stories.

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3 Responses to Hospitals aren’t supposed to be funny… |Laya Mohan

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I totally understand what you mean. I feel that, in the beginning, Grey’s Anatomy was more humorous actually. The characters were new and quirky and there was a degree of innocence. But when you venture into the middle of the series, the show gets darker. For one, EVERYONE is dying and the shows seem more sentimental and nostalgic for simpler times. Now though, the show seems to be attempting to regain some of that innocent, quirky humor. – Andrew Guido

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I think its important for television shows to portray the full range of human emotion and humor is part of that. A show gets tiresome if one emotion is played out repeatedly with no respite or exchange. Humans are incapable of feeling the same emotion on repeat (that is a diagnosed illness if they do feel the same emotion repeatedly with no interplay). –Serena Daya

  3. mediaphiles says:

    This is such a good point! I love Grey’s because it captures my attention in so many different ways. If I’m not a fan of a certain storyline at the time, there are at least two or three others I can focus in on. I also love how it really all ties together at different points in the series.

    -Sam Moore

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