‘Black Mirror’- Pushing Boundaries in a Tech-Obsessed World

I am currently a few episodes into Black Mirror. My boyfriend and I have been streaming it on Netflix and after every episode we just look at each other speechless. It’s definitely more challenging than the other shows we have watched together, i.e., New Girl, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Every episode is uniquely intense, and they seem to me more like short films, as opposed to episodes, as they do not require you to view any of the episodes prior during the season. Each episode introduces some new type of technology, which carries the plot. Usually the episode explores the consequences of this new technology- either good or bad.

One of my favorite episodes, ‘San Junipero’, tells us a love story of two women who are both dying in nursing homes. The episode is set in the future, and hospitals have this experimental technology that is used to help patients with alzheimer’s For a few minutes they can get hooked up to this apparatus, and travel to another decade and relive their youth. All the other patients travel to this same universe, and they can interact with each other. In this alternate universe the two women fall in love.
In addition, this new technology allows the dying to forever live on in this alternate universe, and intermingle with the living still using the technology. At the end of the episode, both women die, and “pass on” to live in this heaven-like place forever. Their love story combats all restraints of space and time, and they get their happy ending.
After every episode I feel a bit drained from this show pushing all the boundaries of my imagination. Some episodes make me want to “unplug”, as the technology gets to be so incomprehensibly advanced.
Here is a recent article I found by the Washington Post discussing how suitable this show is for our tech-obsessed world today.
-Kelsey Sierra

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2 Responses to ‘Black Mirror’- Pushing Boundaries in a Tech-Obsessed World

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I’ve been meaning to get into Black Mirror for a while, because I’ve heard so many great things about it. Not being able to comment on the content, I’d like to discuss the form. From what I’ve heard it’s similar to the Twilight Zone, where each episode stands alone. People talk about the craze of anthology series now, where each season is different, but the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror take it a step further and are a series of short films connected by theme. I know Black Mirror has a creator and showrunner, but the episodes (at least in the third season) are all written by different people. I wonder how that works with the showrunner. Does he hire the people to write his ideas? Do they pitch their ideas to him? The behind the scenes stuff is probably as interesting as the on screen, though less draining. I’ll check it out after I do two more comments. – Max Dosser

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