Celebrity Relations Within Shows – Nicolette McCann

I am a huge fan of the series, Full House.  And as a loyal Full House fanatic, I was enthralled when I saw John Stamos appear in one of the slides on the reel for this weeks 1980s sitcoms.  I immediately looked up the show, You Again?

The first episode that popped up on Google for the show was “The Audition”.  This episode consisted of John Stamos as a college kid who might have the chance to play with the Beach Boys at a concert at his school.  I was immediately struck by the association of John Stamos with the Beach Boys.

Throughout the show, Full House, the Beach Boys seem to be ever-present, although in reality only appearing on a show or two.  Uncle Jess, John Stamos, loves them and is always inspired by them in his own band on the show.  During the series, he meets them and collaborates with them.  I also have found out that one of the most popular songs on the show, “Forever”, Jesse and Becky’s wedding song, is actually a Beach Boys song.

I wanted to know more about this seeming connection between Stamos and the Beach Boys.  Was it just a coincidence that Stamos ended up in two shows that incorporated them, or was there a reason?

It turns out that Stamos and the Beach Boys are actually close friends.  He has played with them many a time over the last few decades, even joining them for reunion concerts.  This made me think about how shows use the connections that actors within them already have with other celebrities and build them into the storyline.  For example, If Stamos had not been on either of the two shows, would the Beach Boys have?  I’m not so sure.


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3 Responses to Celebrity Relations Within Shows – Nicolette McCann

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I honestly do not think the beach boys had anything to with Full House, but they were only there because of John Stamos. I feel like with this specific show though, the Beach boys audience and the Full House audience are not the same people. I think having celebrity friends can help a shows rating if the guest is someone who the audience of the host show knows and likes
    -Laya Mohan

  2. mediaphiles says:

    This is super interesting and something I never really considered before, but I agree that John Stamos’ relationship with the Beach Boys paved the way for their inclusion into Full House. I also agree that this inclusion probably impacted the shows rating and viewership, which is something that can be seen throughout other interrelated shows with famous relationships. Just as relationships constantly impact an environment, show relationships on and off the camera do as well.
    -Lacey Worsham

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I wonder if it goes both ways. You said in the episode “The Audition” John is a college kid. In reality had he met the Beach Boys yet? Very possibly. I just started thinking that actors and writers and everyone are able to take the connections they make in one project to the next (example Michael Schur created Parks and Recreation. Kristen Bell guest starred in a season. Michael Schur then created The Good Place starring Kristen Bell. Would that have happened without the first connection?). Maybe John met the Beach Boys in that season, became great friends with them, then used that connection to better inform his character in Full House. Maybe they were friends before that. Like you, I find it interesting to look at how writers and actors and such will carry connections and references and guest stars across series. – Max Dosser

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