Identification w/ Women Characters

In the recent reading we talked about Roseanne being a transgressive character in primetime television specifically for the body positive symbolism she portrays and how women could identify with her body image. Lately in television we haven’t been too far off  with the hot mom stereotype. In the show Mad Men, there are three main women characters of the show and two of the three have the same progressive traits that Roseanne possesses.

Joan and Peggy from Mad Men possess this liberated and transgressive for the show. Peggy was a woman who had started off as a secretary, but they way she dressed she was never considered attractive to anyone in the office. She dresses how any professional woman today would dress. 200_s1Peggy was ambitious and she ultimately ended up a very successful copy writer and then creative director for the advertising agency. She never married or had kids and was seen as a bigger women compared to Don’s wife Betty Drapper.

Joan on the otherhand had been seen as one of the bigger women on the show, but she is the average sized of the American woman. She holds the whole office together. But she is only used for her talents to hold the office together and no man that comes into her life stays for the long haul. These two men are the most powerful in the show, yet their home and social life falls apart while the gain career success.

Roseanne reminds me of these two. She is hard working, but she is able to balance her home life better than Joan and Peggy. These two were able to have partners for some period, but were never truly able to make a partnership out of their relationships. Roseanne appeals to the women of her time, because the women identify with her character. Hard-working and strong Roseanne is able to make sure that her family has what they need and manage to empower other women because of it. Women today can identify with Joan and Peggy career wise and body wise, which makes it all the more fun to watch.





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2 Responses to Identification w/ Women Characters

  1. mediaphiles says:

    Shayla, I totally agree with your response about Roseanne. I think the show definitely had an impact on the female viewers because it represented someone that they could, more easily, relate to. I think, in many ways, television still struggles to represent diverse and realistic women today. There have definitely been improvements since Roseanne’s time, but there is still much more progress to be made.
    -Allie Kleinman

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I agree with your response on Roseanne as well, and I was surprised to like the show so much despite hating it when it was on television (repeated episodes) when I was a kid. I think television still hasn’t been as diverse in representing women. However, there definitely has been a step in the right direction when female characters (Claire from Modern Family, Peggy from Mad Men) aren’t defined within a domesticated mold/reliance on their husband to support the family.
    – Ziba

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