Jersey Shore: Yes or No?

Starting in 2012, the  Jersey Shore featured young adults in tight clothing, overly tanned skin, and lots of hair gel. The series ran for a total of six seasons and was, surprisingly, one of MTV’s most popular shows. Starting in the beach town of Seaside Heights, N.J., viewers would watch a group of reckless young adults party until they were belligerent and have multiple love affairs. The show then moved to Miami beach for season 2, until they returned to their home in New Jersey for the third, fifth and sixth seasons. In season four, the first-pumping group made their way to Italy to find their ‘roots’ and show Florence what its like to party with a group of guidos (as they call themselves).

I must admit, during the time the show was airing I was always hooked to the T.V. to see what crazy thing Snooki and the rest of the gang would be up to on their Friday nights. Of course, in the back of my mind I always thought the show was ridiculous and the group was irresponsible. I remember watching it in the kitchen and my mom would always say, “Turn that junk off, how trashy!” I think they were so spontaneous and reckless which made them so entertaining to watch.

Looking back at it now, I can’t decide whether I would allow my own kids to watch the show. On one side, I think I was able to learn about a lot of the consequences that can come with over drinking. I remember watching the group get into trouble with the police and in other episodes watching fist fights breakout which always made me very nervous. On the other hand, I understand how many teens would look up to this lifestyle. The guys always seemed so cool with their attitude and confident personality. The girls would always wear skimpy clothing that made them so appealing to the boys. Together, they always had lots of fun drinking and going out without worrying of the consequences of their actions.

So I guess I would have to end it by asking you: would you let your child watch MTV’s Jersey Shore?



Check out this article on Snooki and the gang after their time in the Shore:

 Life after Series


By Alexandra Peralta-Rapale 10/24/16

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5 Responses to Jersey Shore: Yes or No?

  1. mediaphiles says:

    When Jersey Shore was airing, I didn’t quite no how to feel about it either. Though I wasn’t an avid viewer, I would watch it from time to time. Like you, my parents denounced it as trash and hated when it was on our tv. But there was something weirdly addictive about the show. For some reason, we all cared so much about these people. Honestly, I don’t know if I would let my kids watch this show I feel like at a certain age I would. -Valerie Medoff

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I remember when Jersey Shore first came out, because they used the term “Guido” as a slang term and people started making jokes in reference to my last name being Guido. Since the premiere of the show, I still have people laugh or not believe when I say my last name is Guido. Personally, I was not offended because I knew these characters did not even remotely represent Italian culture. I would make my children watch this show so they know where the cultural joke in America comes from. – Andrew Guido

  3. mediaphiles says:

    The Jersey Shore didn’t bother me in terms of content. More than anything, I disliked Jersey Shore because that is the image of America which was displayed all across the world, as commonplace rather than a geographic and cultural identity. I would let my kids watch the show, but would also caution them from adopting the personas of any of the characters on the show. — Serena Daya

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I used to watch this with my mom lol and luckily I was old enough to know how ridiculous their behavior is to not take it seriously or let it influence my actions (though I did periodically adopt some catchphrases, I will admit). I also think the editors make sure to portray them in a particularly stupid light, so the audiences is allowed to love and hate them at the same time. I think I would let my kids watch Jersey Shore because it’s impossible to escape things shows like it – I would just be sure to inform them of all the false identities that are present in reality tv in general. -Kristina Kokkonos

  5. mediaphiles says:

    I spend what’s probably a disproportionate amount of time thinking about which shows I would/wouldn’t allow my (non-existent) children to watch. I think this is because my parents were sort of strict about what I could watch growing up (ex. I wasn’t allowed to watch Rugrats because my parents thought Angelica had “a bad attitude”–hahaha). To answer your question, though: I would encourage my children to watch something else. Especially if I had daughters. There are a lot of problematic things about this show that I could go on all day about, but just fundamentally I don’t think it sets an appropriate tone for the kinds of substantive, respectful relationships I want for the people I care about. Also, it was just never funny or enlightening to me in any kind of meaningful way.

    -Callie Sartain

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