Larry David’s Genius Mind


If you have seen either Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, you are aware of Larry David’s talents as a writer/producer and as an actor, however it is not until you have seen both series that you truly understand how talented the man behind both shows is. When I was watching the entire series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, I was well aware that Larry (who is the main character in Curb as well as the show’s producer), had produces Seinfeld, however I had never seen the show. By the time I had finished the series, I made up my mind that Curb Your Enthusiasm is without a doubt the most funny show I have ever seen in my life. Larry David instantly shot to the top of my list of comedians in Hollywood.

After finishing the series, I figured I might as well watch Seinfeld given that most people have before and it is an all time classic, and that I love Larry David. After watching just the first 3 seasons of Seinfeld, I have started having a whole new picture of Larry David in my head. When watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, I thought of Larry as being a good writer but because of his comical personality, I did not look at him in a more serious sense. After watching some of Seinfeld, I have realized that Larry deserves to be looked at seriously as one of the more talented producers perhaps of all time. In terms of producing sitcoms, what Larry has been able to do is practically unparalleled. Seinfeld is one of the most loved and classic sitcoms of all time and ran for 9 seasons, while Curb Your Enthusiasm ran for 8 seasons. Between the two shows, Larry was working on the sitcoms from 1989-2008 and both shows were wildly successful. Seinfeld has a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, an 8.9/10 on IMDB and a 9.1/10 score on Curb ranked just as well as it has a rotten tomatoes score of 98% and a 8.7/10 on IMDB and 9/10 on

Overall, if you watch both shows you will understand how genius Larry David is as the two sitcoms are perfectly written and produced. While watching Seinfeld with my friend who has seen both shows as well and also loves Larry David, I have found that I cannot stop talking about how impressive Larry David is for the work he did with both shows. I also can never stop pointing out the similarities between the shows as the writing is so similar in both that i can almost hear Larry’s voice from ‘Curb’ in the lines being spoken by characters in Seinfeld. I would absolutely recommend either show to anyone looking for a nice show to binge watch sometime soon.

If you are interested in learning more about the similarities between the two shows, this article does a really good job of highlighting a few of them.


Max Lissette

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