Silence of the Lambs- Paul McBride

Silence of the Lambs is a 1991 movie directed by Jonathan Demme. Ted Tally adapted the screenplay from the bestselling novel by Thomas Harris. Tak Fujimoto (Sixth Sense) is the director of photography. Silence of the Lambs mixes elements of horror films and thrillers. Unlike some horror movies, it has a good storyline and very powerful characters. It is a thilling movie which cold hearted characters. Some parts of the movie are so memorable that they have become iconic. It’s gruesome and brilliant at the same time with dramatic tension that makes viewers stay glued to the edges of their seats.

One of the main things that makes this movie so effective is the cast. Jodie Foster plays the trainee FBI agent forced to try to connect with the cannibal Hannibal Lector, played by Anthony Hopkins. She attempts to get inside of his mind in order to try and track down the serial killer Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine). All of them are perfectly cast. Jodie Foster’s cold look along with her very stern looking face makes her perfect as an FBI trainee. Anthony Hopkins’s scary looking eyes along with his soothing yet mischievous voice really enhances the character of the convicted killer Hannibal Lector. Though lesser known than Foster and Hopkins, Levine is effective as Buffalo Bill, a serial killer who skins his female victims.

Not only is this film entertaining to watch, its storyline is superb, the characters in the movie are well-developed and acted, and all of the elements come together so well that Silence of the Lambs had the unprecedented and unrepeated honor of becoming on only horror/thriller to win an Oscar for Best Picture. I have never been a big fan of horror movies, but in some ways this film is one because of certain scenes included. On the other hand, it is also an enthralling thriller, and that is the main reason why I like it.

The film also won a Best Director Oscar for Demme, Best Adapted Screenplay for Tally, Best Actress for Foster, and Best Actor for Hopkins.  I’d like to focus here on Hopkins because his performance has become part of popular culture in lasting ways.  Part of this is due to his charisma and how he looks at home on the screen. He always seems to be enjoying himself when performing, and he does an excellent role portraying Hannibal Lector in this film.

I think Hannibal Lector will always be one of the most famous and popular villains of all time. This movie enhances the image and makes the image of him very easy to remember. I think it is an exceptionally well performed movie by the three main actors. They enhance the image of all their characters, which in turn gives the viewer a more vivid image of the story .

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Many people who have reviewed this movie would have similar interpretations of what this movie represents. I feel this article is a more detailed version of the points that I was making.





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13 Responses to Silence of the Lambs- Paul McBride

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I loved your piece! Silence of the Lambs is one of the only horror films I can bear to watch (I scare pretty easily). A large reason why I find this movie so enjoyable is because of the supurb acting, especially the exchanges between Clarice and Hannibal. After watching Psycho I feel like Anthony Hopkins brings a lot of the same appeal as Anthony Hopkins. Both seem to be fairly normal looking guys, yet lying in wait is this monster- although I think the character of Hannibal is a bit more cerebral and brutal. Regardless, Hannibal Lector will always be one of my favorite movie murderers.

    -Kayla Pierle

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I love how you incorporated a detailed discussion of the casting choice–it was a unique aspect to focus on in your review. I agree that the director’s decision to use Anthony Hopkins was vital to the success of the movie and lasting, eerie portrayal of Hannibal Lector’s character. The inclusion of the director of photography was an important, relevant point since Sixth Sense was also such a successful movie! Very good work.

    -Meg Schmit

  3. mediaphiles says:

    I really like the focus on the characters! Something else worth noting, is that Hopkins won the Oscar for Best Actor, with only being on the screen for 15 minutes, which really gives credit to how chilling his performance as Hannibal Lector was!

    Matt M

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I like how your review focuses on the significant element of Silence of the Lambs, which is the interaction between characters. The odd connection between the FBI agent and Hannibal is an important part of the film which you explained very well! I also liked how you identified that there is a mix of genres in this film.
    -Maddie Dickens

  5. mediaphiles says:

    I liked how you focused on Hopkin’s performance. This is one of my all time favorite movies and his chilling performance is the part of the film that sticks with me the most. His performance is so good that even though he’s terrifying its hard to look away.

    -Walker Rise

  6. mediaphiles says:

    I enjoyed your analysis about how this movie is the first horror film to win Best Picture but it is also so much more than that. When I saw this movie I felt like I was watching a horror/thriller/mystery movie and it all comes together in a great way. It’s a spectacular film that I think everybody should see.

    -Samuel Ederle

  7. mediaphiles says:

    You really highlight how much thought went into this film which is so important especially for a film in the horror category. This film is smart and shocking, and serves as an inspiration for many movies that followed. Your review does a great job of showing the importance of this film, and illustrating why it is so much more than a “scary movie.”
    -Sam Yezerski

  8. mediaphiles says:

    I completely agree that Anthony Hopkins was essential to the movie’s success. Not to mention Jodie Foster, what a queen. This movie is one of my all time favorites for good reason!


  9. Stephanie Albrecht says:

    I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs because I do not like horror movies, but after reading your review I think I should give it a chance. You showed that I should look beyond the gruesome scenes and focus on the superb acting and interesting character dynamics. Great review! – Steph Albrecht

  10. mediaphiles says:

    The points that you make about the characters and their roles in the movie make aspects of the movie and specific scenes more memorable. This detailed account of the characters is important to understanding a film such as Silence of the Lambs and you did a great job!
    – Cathy Maier

  11. mediaphiles says:

    This is one of my all time favorite horror films! You do a great job at explaining how the cast, story line, and characters are perfectly pieced together to create a classic! The dynamics of this film make Silence of the Lambs more than just a scary movie. Well done
    -Peyton Perea

  12. mediaphiles says:

    This definitely gave me a lot of insight into the film that I didn’t know about and has persuaded me to go and watch it. Really good review and I’m excited to see the acting.
    -Sam Cantor

  13. marymdalton says:

    Incredibly well-crafted film! Surprisingly good for a “horror” film or “suspense thriller” because we have lower expectations in general for this type of movie.

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