Fuller House | Sarah King

When thinking about popular sitcoms of the 1980s and 1990s, I can’t help but think about Full House.  Even though this show was already off the air when I was born, I have still seen the series in full either through re-runs or DVDs. When they announced the Netflix series, Fuller House, I was excited even though I knew it would not live up to the original. This reunion series, however, was even worse than I expected.


Being a huge Mary Kate and Ashley fan as a child, I was disappointed that they were not part of the cast of Fuller House. After watching the series, however,  I don’t even think my favorite twins could have made the show more tolerable. The premise of Fuller House is very similar to the original series, but gender reversed. DJ’s husband dies and she is left to raise her sons alone. Aunt Stephanie takes on Uncle Jesse’s role and Kimmy becomes like Joey. Even though using the role-reversal idea creates a sense of familiarity, I don’t think it worked. Every time I recognized a similar storyline or theme to Full House, all I could think is how they didn’t do it as well as the original.


Even though DJ, Stephanie, and Michele weren’t perfect children, I always thought they were generally well behave and respectful toward their parents. I find the kids in Fuller House, however, to be extremely irritating and bratty. I also don’t think DJ and Stephanie are responsible parents/parental figures. I found the plots to fall flat in most episodes, and the storyline about DJ being torn between two men annoying and overused.

When realizing these frustrations, I wonder if my age has anything to do with my perceptions of the two shows. If I had watched Full House now for the first time, would I have felt the same way about the kids and parents? If I was a child watching Fuller House would I relate to the kids instead of finding them obnoxious? While I think this would change my perceptions a little, I do think Full House is superior to Fuller House in many ways. I did, however, watch the whole first season of Fuller House and plan to watch the next one.

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4 Responses to Fuller House | Sarah King

  1. mediaphiles says:

    I agree this show is intolerable! I really think they should have just left the show alone and ignored requests for a revived version! I so dislike this show. It seems like with revivals of old shows this always happens. It will be interesting to see what happens with Gilmore Girls (one of my favorite shows)! I hope it isn’t ruined! – Katie Nelson

  2. mediaphiles says:

    I actually could not make it through the pilot episode of Fuller House. The role reversal is cheap and an easy ploy to use a beloved show as a ratings ploy. I think the intentions are good, championing women, but placing women in stereotypically male roles does not work. Just inserting women into a role traditionally held by men, and expecting it to be the same as the original is doomed to fail from the start. If the show had taken the time to write the new female characters as interesting instead of bleached out versions of their father figures, the show could be more compelling. –Serena Daya

  3. mediaphiles says:

    When I heard about this show I was so excited as I’m sure most people were and are when they make a sequel of their favorite shows. I didn’t even get to watch the pilot episode of Fuller House without hearing the negative comments by multiple people. It was evident that it was a waste of time to even give the show a chance. Recently, news has came out that the show “That’s So Raven” is coming out with its own sequel where Raven is still Raven, but this time as a mother. They show is suppose to be shown on Disney Channel, just like the previous show. I am really curious to see whether this show will flop like most others or have more success.

    Alexandra Peralta

  4. mediaphiles says:

    I agree with you one hundred percent, the original series was definitely a lot better than the remake. I think the remake just seemed too fake and like too much of a production. I think the cast members and producers made the episodes themselves too obviously redone and made a whole production out of the fact that the show was being remade so much later. I think that they could have made it better if the producers and actors acted as though the show hadnt missed a beat rather than making it so clear and publicized within the episodes that the show was in a one season return.


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